True Education Chapter 87

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  1. animmos says:

    unfortunately she’s not

  2. Kreoh says:

    This manhwa best at making disgusting face 😀

  3. gayass says:

    I didn’t want to call her names before, but what kind of mother beat her kids just because of her ego? shameless fucking bitch

  4. Ara says:

    Yeasss deserveddddd and also how twisted can you be to use your child like that and waiting for him yo get hit :<

  5. Maya Nessa says:

    What’s even worse is the fact that she was happy hearing her son was hit if it proved that she now thought she had a legitimate complaint against the teacher. What a sick sick woman.

  6. Kushgo says:

    Very true the comment section suck use discus it’s the beat there is

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ya know Imperfect actually has banger series and the site is good except for the system for the comment section.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I sincerely hope she can reform and become a better person. Not just for her sake, but for her family too.

  9. Mikiyu says:

    Karen punishment. Well deserved. Ty for the chapter.

  10. HelloThere says:

    Lol there’s a bit of the Lorem Ipsum, in the end ! “Dolor sit amer, consectetur”

  11. Anonymous says:

    Wow she’s even using her child.

  12. leziaR says:

    that was really satisfactory ^^
    let’s go !!!

  13. Duckieeee says:

    Oh hell yessss, finally getting what she deserves

  14. AniSensei says:

    Let’s goo torture her

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