True Education Chapter 73

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  1. ReadABook says:

    The whole country probably isn’t like this but like every other country, the government plays a huge part in how the citizens act. In a place like South Korea, even the most basic laws are fudged, which influences the citizens. This countryside is prob like this because of neglect from the government. When a place is isolated, it becomes easy for corruption to take hold. Kind of like the previous chapters with the basketball team but on a larger scale. It is the government’s job to check in often and see how the laws are upholding but it seems like the officials just randomly pass sh*t and walk away without looking for the consequences. They create new laws rather than reflect on why and how previous laws lead to wrongs, and how to revise said laws. Basically they use bandaids for things that require surgery.

  2. gorochan says:

    you shouldn’t generalize lazycat, but be prepared for everything you might encounter

  3. LaZyCat says:

    Oh so the countryside is not anything better… WHAT KIND OF SHITTY COUNTRY IS THIS?!!! To think I thought of escaping to the countryside if that’s what it’s like in the city and then boom, a slap in the face. I thought at least villagers are honest people, I was too naive or they’re too unlucky🤦🤦‍♂️

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