Hi guys we know that images aren’t working give us 24 hr we are trying to fix this issue as soon as possible. Sorry for the Trouble.

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Hi guys, we are still finishing the website it will take about 24 hr please bear it with us if there is an error on the website eg chapter images…


  1. Prosper says:

    also i didnt find yalls discord link so I came here, forgive the bluntness if you can, thank you. also yall rock

  2. Prosper says:

    Okay am a new fan to boss in school and I have a question. can yall please translate the boss in school gaiden/side story. its the only one in the series untranslated. it has 33 chapters which 10 or so are free or in mangadex on another language and the rest paywalled……… So

    if i send yall the link to a Korean website that has the boss in school gaiden/side story chapters completely free in korean. can yall translate it. its the only one left untranslated in the boss in school series.

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